I help creative female entrepreneurs to make and manage money + grow financially sustainable and fulfilling businesses.

Julia Day | Easy As VAT | UK financial coach for female business owners

As a financial coach, accountant and business consultant, my job is to give you more time to focus on the areas of your business you're passionate about by making the boring stuff quick and effortless. My coaching is tailored to you, your business and your goals.

I've helped women to make more money than they ever thought possible from their passions, feel confident charging their worth and minimise the amount of admin, accounting and tax work they have to do to stay compliant with HMRC.

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"Honestly, life changing. I feel empowered, happy and excited about making changes to make my business run smoother and to be in control of my money. It was like talking to a friend and your advice was so valuable.

You went over and above what I was expecting to discuss and I feel like I've had a business mentor session, not just discussing the money side.

I can’t express my thanks enough, I feel I have so many things to go away and think about and put in to action that will give me back more time and ultimately more money and happiness."

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What do you need help with?



If you're feeling confused or freaked out by the prospect of dealing with tax, you are not alone! I've helped lots of business owners like you to understand your responsibilities around tax, find out exactly what you need to do and make preparing and filing your tax return easy and stress-free.


Money management

Whether you're completely disorganised with your business finances, struggle to find time to deal with them or simply have no idea whether you're doing it all properly, I can help. Together, we'll get your finances organised and create a system tailored to you, so you can spend less time managing your money and more time making it.


Pricing and getting paid

My most popular coaching programme. Pricing your products or services can be a minefield. There are so many factors to consider, and then there's the small matter of getting paid - entrepreneurs always seem to be chasing late invoices or even feeling scared to ask customers to pay. I'll help you to set the right prices for you and your customers, set up a system to easily receive and track payments and conquer those late payment woes once and for all!


Can't find what you're looking for, or need a combination of the above? I can create a bespoke coaching programme just for you.

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