Easy Numbers Episode 6: Cat Byrne, Designer, Blogger + Podcaster

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This week my guest is Cat Byrne, a designer, blogger and podcaster specialising in beautiful, unique branding and website design for female creative business owners and bloggers. As well as designing, she has an inspiring podcast called The Creative Leap where she chats to other business owners about their freelance journeys and how they made their dream job a reality.

Cat and I talked about tackling imposter syndrome, treating your business as a job and not an extension of your self-worth and using your 9-5 to learn how to be a better businesswoman.

Website: www.gattoweb.com/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/gattoweb/
Twitter: twitter.com/_catbyrne
Podcast: thecreativeleappodcast.com/


Easy Numbers is a podcast which aims to help female business owners gain the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their finances. In each episode, I discuss a financial issue business owners face and how to deal with it, and chat to my guests about their financial experiences running their own business and the obstacles they've overcome.

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