15 expenses bloggers can claim on their tax return

15 expenses bloggers can claim on their tax return | Easy As VAT

It's not always obvious what you can claim back as an expense when you're a blogger. Partly because blogging is such a new industry and partly because a lot of bloggers don't realise that they can do this.

If you're a blogger, I would suggest keeping a spreadsheet of any expenses you incur for your blog and if you start making money from your blog, you can reclaim them against your profit on your tax return, meaning you'll pay less tax (or even none at all)!

Here are some of the most common expenses for bloggers. Keep in mind that there may be conditions attached to some of these, and you should check with an accountant if you are unsure.

1. Website hosting

2. Domain name registration and renewal

3. Expenses incurred when attending blogging/business events

For example, train tickets and other public transport costs, mileage, overnight accommodation, food and drink

4. Marketing/advertising

For example, Facebook and Instagram advertising

5. Subscriptions

For example, Photoshop, Microsoft Office

6. Photo props

7. Computer software

8. Office supplies

For example, stationery

9. Insurance

10. Professional advice

For example, legal or accountancy

11. Part of your internet bill

Apportioned to show the percentage you use

12. Blog design/templates

13. New equipment

For example, laptop, camera, printer

14. Equipment repairs

For example, laptop, camera

15. Business cards

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