I help female business owners to gain the knowledge, support and confidence they need to manage their finances well and cultivate a healthy relationship with money.

Money is still such an icky topic to discuss openly, and a lot of us women have a lot of fear or feel uncomfortable around money - making it, managing it, spending it.

It's so easy to bury your head in the sand or hand over control to someone else (who probably doesn't know what they're doing, either!)

But understanding your finances means less stress and more money in your bank account. More time to grow your business and do the things you love. Full control of your life and the power to live it the way you want to.

I’ll teach you how to deal with everyday matters like planning your finances, paying tax and invoicing clients, as well as giving you the confidence you need to have an amazing relationship with money and eliminate any uncomfortable feelings or fear you have around it.



Bookkeeping Basics

This five part course will help you master the practice of tracking your income, how to make it work around your schedule and how to get organised with your bookkeeping.

PLUS you'll get a free tracker to record your income and expenses.

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Easy Numbers is a podcast which aims to help female business owners get the knowledge and confidence they need to take control of their finances. In each episode, I discuss a financial issue in business and how to deal with it, and talk to my guests about their financial experiences running their own business and any obstacles they've overcome.

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